What You Need To Know Before Making A Decision

How does purchasing a home compare with renting? The two don’t really compare at all. The one advantage of renting is being generally free of most maintenance responsibilities, but by renting you lose the chance to build equity. Take advantage of tax benefits and protect yourself against rent increases. Also, you may be at theContinue reading “What You Need To Know Before Making A Decision”

Do You Need A Survey When Buying A Home

Do you need a survey when buying a home? When you apply for a mortgage your lender will more than likely require that you get a survey of the property. A survey shows the boundaries of the property, and whether there are any encroachments such as buildings, sheds, fences or easements. For example, utilities andContinue reading “Do You Need A Survey When Buying A Home”

Best Ways To Build A Down Payment

Best ways to build a down payment? One of the biggest hurdles for many prospective homebuyers is finding a way to accumulate enough money for a down payment. Here are some suggestions on ways to raise the funds that you’ll need: Read Also: Things To Do After Selling Your Home You will be well on yourContinue reading “Best Ways To Build A Down Payment”

Things To Do After Selling Your Home

Things To Do After Selling Your Home So you’ve sold your home and closed the deal successfully. Now what? Read Also: How To Make A Home Ready To Sell As of the date you vacate the premises. Most importantly, if your closing experience was a good one, send a thank you note to both the realtorContinue reading “Things To Do After Selling Your Home”

How To Make A Home Ready To Sell

Start several months before the property is made available. Look through the eyes of a buyer. What needs to be cleaned? Repainted, repaired, or tossed? Ask yourself or a friend. If you were buying this house, what would you want to see? Read Also: The Best Time To Sell The goal is to show a homeContinue reading “How To Make A Home Ready To Sell”

The Best Time To Sell

Real estate market places are generally most attractive in summer because families with children want to move in before school starts. So, more homes are typically available in summer as well. But buyers and sellers tend to balance out other seasons too, especially in today’s tight market. There may be fewer buyers in late December,Continue reading “The Best Time To Sell”

What Are Home Warranties

What are home warranties? Home warranties offer you protection for a specific period of time, such as one year, against potentially costly problems like unexpected repairs on appliances. Or home systems which are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. Read Also: Is Home Remodeling Worth It Warranties are becoming more popular because they offer protection during theContinue reading “What Are Home Warranties”

Is Home Remodeling Worth It

Is Home Remodeling Worth It? Before you start an extensive and costly home remodeling project, you should consider its effect. If any, it will have an effect on the resale value of your home. Compare your home to others in your neighborhood. If you are over-improving compared to the homes around you, it is highlyContinue reading “Is Home Remodeling Worth It”

Does It Make Sense To Move Up

Does it make sense to move up? The idea of moving up to a larger home can be an exciting prospect. But here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure it is the right decision for you: Read Also: What Is A Counter Offer If you’re considering moving up, talk to your realtorContinue reading “Does It Make Sense To Move Up”

What Is A Counter Offer

What is a counter offer? A seller can respond to a buyer’s offer with changes. A counter that improves the terms. You need to put yourself in their shoes and construct a modified offer that you think they might take that meets more of your needs. Then it’s their turn to accept, reject, or constructContinue reading “What Is A Counter Offer”

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