Best Ways To Build A Down Payment

Best ways to build a down payment? One of the biggest hurdles for many prospective homebuyers is finding a way to accumulate enough money for a down payment. Here are some suggestions on ways to raise the funds that you’ll need: Read Also: Things To Do After Selling Your Home You will be well on yourContinue reading “Best Ways To Build A Down Payment”

Things To Do After Selling Your Home

Things To Do After Selling Your Home So you’ve sold your home and closed the deal successfully. Now what? Read Also: How To Make A Home Ready To Sell As of the date you vacate the premises. Most importantly, if your closing experience was a good one, send a thank you note to both the realtorContinue reading “Things To Do After Selling Your Home”

Does It Make Sense To Move Up

Does it make sense to move up? The idea of moving up to a larger home can be an exciting prospect. But here are a few questions to ask yourself to make sure it is the right decision for you: Read Also: What Is A Counter Offer If you’re considering moving up, talk to your realtorContinue reading “Does It Make Sense To Move Up”

What Is A Counter Offer

What is a counter offer? A seller can respond to a buyer’s offer with changes. A counter that improves the terms. You need to put yourself in their shoes and construct a modified offer that you think they might take that meets more of your needs. Then it’s their turn to accept, reject, or constructContinue reading “What Is A Counter Offer”

Buying A Property

Are you thinking about buying a new home? What size home are you looking for? Larger than you have already? Has the family grown, and now you are simply bursting at the seams? Are you looking to downsize your home? Have the children left, and you are now rattling around in a large box? ReadContinue reading “Buying A Property”

Key Steps In The Home Selling Process

Key steps in the home selling process: if you are considering selling your home but not sure of the process, here are the key steps involved: Once you sign the listing agreement and complete the seller disclosure report, your realtor will begin to market your home. Cooperate with them to prepare for open houses andContinue reading “Key Steps In The Home Selling Process”

Older Home vs A New One

Older Home vs A New One: Is an older home a better value than a new one? There isn’t a definitive answer to this question; you should look at each home for its individual characteristics. Generally, older homes may be in more established neighborhoods, offer more ambiance, and have lower property tax rates. People whoContinue reading “Older Home vs A New One”

Thinking About Buying A Fixer Upper

Thinking about buying a fixer-upper homes that needs work can be a great investment, especially if you can purchase them below market price, but stay away from upgrades that won’t add value to the home. If a home needs major repairs to its plumbing, electrical foundation, or roof, keep in mind that fixing major flawsContinue reading “Thinking About Buying A Fixer Upper”

64-11 Alderton Street, Rego Park, NY 11374 (Under Contract)

Amazing ranch-style home with an oversized 25×135 lot. Inground swimming pool. Country-like living. A truly rare find. You have to see this home, won’t last! 5 BIG REASONS TO CALL ANNIE & STEVE’S TEAM TO SELL YOUR HOME: 1.) WE HAVE BUYERS IN WAITING We have 1,828 buyers in our database looking for a homeContinue reading “64-11 Alderton Street, Rego Park, NY 11374 (Under Contract)”

Ways To Know You’ve Found The Right House

Ways to know you’ve found the right house: Almost every home buyer has fears about making the wrong decision as they look for a new home. Read Also: Selling A Home With A Mortgage Here are some signs to recognize that the right home has come along. Don’t second-guess your instincts when you find theContinue reading “Ways To Know You’ve Found The Right House”

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