Open House Etiquette For Buyers

Visiting an open house is a great way to see what a property has to offer. When you enter most open houses, they have a sign-in sheet asking for your name, address, and phone number. Open House Etiquette For Buyers: Now, if you’re already working with another agent, be sure to mention that to theContinue reading “Open House Etiquette For Buyers”

Do’s and Don’ts: Social Media for Real Estate Agents

It’s a well-known fact that an amazing social media game ought to be a significant piece of each realtor advertising methodology. Yet, the prospect of posting via social media can make even savvy realtors begin to perspire. There’s a parcel of social media stages and each is somewhat extraordinary, yet some comparative guidelines ought toContinue reading “Do’s and Don’ts: Social Media for Real Estate Agents”

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