Real Estate Selling in the Digital World

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For more than a century, real estate professionals have been purchasing and selling homes on behalf of clients. Newspaper advertisements have historically offered homes for sale, and the business has been dependent on them for years. In 1981. 22% of home buyers looked in newspaper classifieds to find a property; today, over 90% of home consumers explore online throughout their home-buying process, according to data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The real estate sector was compelled to shift further toward technological advances as part of both the buying and selling procedures as a result of COVID’s demand for social isolation. The trend moving forward is likely to continue to be property search apps and internet listings with virtual tours. Buyers have learned that comparing houses online can help them quickly focus their search. The benefit of having this knowledge is that purchasers frequently have a clearer idea of what they want before contacting an agent.

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Below is an overview of how homebuyers currently locate properties:

  1. World Wide Web / Software
    51% of potential buyers looked online before making a decision on a house. Websites and applications like Redfin and Zillow are the most popular methods for today’s purchasers to find homes. Brokerages must invest in digital marketing techniques, including a web page, a business listing on Google My Business, and social media platforms, in addition to adding a seller’s home to the MLS. If a brokerage has a great internet presence, clients will have a simpler time selling their properties, resulting in greater revenue and the capacity to take on additional clients.
  2. A real estate broker
    34% of purchasers, particularly those in older generations, depend on a real estate professional to assist them in finding a home. Real estate brokers are essential for purchasers seeking all the assistance they can get in a hot seller’s market. Agents occasionally have access to brand-new listings that haven’t yet been added to the MLS and possess the abilities needed to quickly and effectively draft an offer.
  3. Open-house or yard sign
    A majority of us still travel around in our cars every day, frequently by potential for-sale houses, aside from our ongoing attraction to the online world. The fact that 8% of houses are discovered by buyers after they see an outside placard or an open house sign is not shocking.
  4. Through referrals
    4% of individuals say that friends, family, or neighbors helped them find their current residence. You never know who else they may know, which is why it can be crucial to let your personal network know when you buy or sell a home. Real estate agents may get in touch with the neighbors of their listed properties to inform them that their neighbor’s home is for sale and to schedule an open house.

Small categories remained, including:

  • A property’s contractor or the contractor’s agent helped 2% of purchasers find their property.
  • One percent of purchasers obtained the property through the seller.
  • One percent of buyers discovered their property from a print newspaper advertisement.

Vendors have a lower incentive than consumers to partner with an estate professional at the moment because of how competitive the seller’s market is. Contrarily, buyers require assistance navigating the seller’s industry; 88% of buyers in recent years hired an agent, up from 69% in 2001. Through enhancing their digital advertising approach and adopting the various ways the internet has enhanced real estate sales, real estate agents can increase their appeal to sellers:

  • Excellent images
  • Tours through videos
  • Incorporation of MLS listings on a website
  • Using social media
  • Reliable profile on Google My Business
  • Online advertisements, especially advertising videos
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