Checklist For Your Final Walk-Through

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One of the last things you’ll do as a buyer prior to closing will be a final walkthrough of the property. The purpose of the walkthrough is to confirm that the house is in the same condition. It was the last time you saw it.

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Here are some things to check on:

  • Turn all the light fixtures on and off
  • Turn the heating and air-conditioning systems on and off
  • Check all major appliances to make sure they are working
  • Turn on the water faucets and check for any leaks
  • Flush the toilets
  • Test the garbage disposal and any exhaust fans
  • Test the garage doors and openers
  • Make sure all windows and doors are in working order
  • Check that any items you purchased along with the house are still there
  • Make sure all agreed-upon repairs have been made

If you notice any issues, inform your realtor immediately so that any deficiencies can be corrected prior to the closing. 

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