What Is A Title Search?

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A title search is a way to determine whether the person selling a property really has the right to sell it. It protects the buyer by confirming the property’s legal ownership. And, finding out if there are any claims on the property.

Several things that are examined during a title search chain of title are: This is a review of all historical title transfers from the current owner back to the original owner. 

Search, this determines the present status of any real estate taxes, other taxes owed on the property report on possession.

Inspectors are often sent to the property. They verify the lot size, easements or improvements, a judgment, and a name search. Thus, the search looks for any unsatisfied judgments against the seller or other previous owners that might have put a lien on the property. 

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Once these searches are completed, the title company issues a commitment to ensure and states the conditions under which it will ensure the title. If any defects in the title are found, they must be cleared up before the buyer-seller and mortgage lender can proceed with closing the transaction.

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