The Key to the Luxurious New Look of Loft Apartments Goes Custom

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Loft apartments are usually the type of a dwelling place that young professionals nowadays prefer. They know what they want but their designs in mind lack details. That is when interior designers come in handy. Loft apartments are mostly spacious and don’t come with partitions. They are the most challenging apartment types to design. For this reason, a lot of customization has to be done. Renovating or building new loft apartments to fit the owner’s preference and lifestyle requires this approach.

loft apartments

Loft apartments are usually blank slates. They are just a single, wide open space with kitchen counters that are small. When the loft apartment has not walls to divide the space to begin with, a partition divider with storage will do the wonders.

However, instead of erecting an adjacent wall, installing a multipurpose natural oak shelving unit that divides the kitchen and dining area is a good idea.

There Couldn’t Be Too Many Walls

Open partition walls help the eye to have more storage and divide the huge space without defeating its purpose.

partition walls

Same goes to the middle of the dining and living area. Open shelves like this help isolate every room in the apartment without making the area cramped.

kitchen backsplash

A ledge like the one seen in the kitchen’s back-splash creates more space by showcasing things that need accessibility.

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Personality in a Space

loft apartments

Loft apartments need not to have uniformity of each room in terms of style and theme. We can go stylish beyond conventional apartment designs. Floating mirrors with LED lights in the bathrooms tell more about the owner’s unique personality. Home owners nowadays collaborating with designers prefer to have conversational pits and corners at least one part of the place.

loft apartments

Details are what complete the whole picture of each area in a loft apartment in particular. A room must depict one’s character and should serve multiple purposes. Why stage a room if you can make the design permanent?

Accent space

Don’t limit your place with just one color. There should be an area or two that would accent the entire place.

Do It Yourself:

  1. Open up valuable floor space by opting for floating nightstands in a tiny bedroom.
  2. It can feel oppressive for a long row of upper cabinets. It will help lighten things up by adding open shelving between cabinets.
  3. Embrace a casual breakfast nook on the kitchen island instead of trying to wedge a typical table and chairs into an already-cramped room.
  4. It can be a little flashy with polished brass. For a touch of understated glamour, stick with unfinished brass accents, which will tarnish over time.
  5. Don’t touch the positioning of your kitchen and bathroom plumbing to keep construction costs down. Leaving it in its original spot.
  6. Only go hardware-less. Notches and exposes operate just as well as knobs and handles, but the cabinetry’s craftsmanship does not take them away.

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