DIY Projects During the Holidays

table with Champaigne glass and Christmas decor

Doing DIY Projects During the Holidays is going to make this Yuletide season even more fun and special. The previous few months have been trying for us all, yet we should think decidedly and let observe Light, Hope, Happiness, Joy, and, New Beginnings. Regardless of whether you are observing: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the New Year, or your own way of life’s vacation, what rings a bell is LIGHT: Twinkling glass trinkets, Christmas Tree decorations, Hanukkah candles, and the warm light of a chimney. There is an enchanted thing about this least difficult of occasion stylistic themes!

The Project

How would we change our home into a merry Winter Wonderland loaded with Joy, Magic, and Fun? DIY Home Projects during the holidays can be shared with our family members. While numerous conventions related to this season are explicit to a nation or locale, others are widespread: decorations, music, customary dishes, welcoming cards, gift-giving, and many more. Our project is to coordinate them into the current year’s festival and maybe make a few of our own.

The Challenges

This holiday season, culminating with New Year’s Eve, will look way different than the previous year’s celebration. Instead of huge family dinners, and heading out for a night on the town, some of us will be settling in safely for an evening at home with our loved ones, but just because your 2020 holiday is unusual doesn’t mean it cannot be just as festive celebratory, and meaningful as in years past.

DIY Projects During the Holidays

Our Remedy: Engaging the 5 Senses

Our home is our retreat. It is a unique place that reflects our personality and supports our activities. Let’s bring forth our deepest emotions through our 5 senses, corresponding with the Five Principal Elements of Feng Shui. Let’s add a 6th sense: MAGIC!

First things first: Pick the subject and conventions that are generally critical to you and your family.

1. SIGHT – Decorate and Dress Up!

Holidays have been associated with lights for hundreds of years. Go crazy, wrap colorful lights around your home; Light candles; kindle your fireplace. Don’t forget to take photos! Wear your favorite red sweater and holiday dress. Put on some bold New Year’s Eve Makeup.

2. SOUND – Turn Up The Volume!

Sound changes the vibration of the space so fill your home with music. How about a family sing-along? Or create your favorite holiday playlist on Spotify?

3. TASTE – Pop the Bubbly!

New Year’s Eve is all about the bubbly; kick it up a notch by mixing a fabulous champagne cocktail. Raise a glass to all the incredible experiences you’ll have in the New Year.

4 & 5 – Touch & Smell – Get Cooking!

Celebrate the Holiday with a delicious dinner: Plan a festive menu turn the cooking into a family-bonding experience. After a year like 2020, we all deserve a treat. Fill your home with delicious aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. Spread the cheer by mailing Holiday cookies to your loved ones.

6. Magic – Created Through Intuition

Watch the Times Square Ball drop from the comfort of your home this year, get in-tune with your real and deepest desires and make a wish. The world desperately needs to come together symbolically and virtually to celebrate all that we love, and to look forward with a sense of renewal and new beginnings.

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