Fall Garden Cleanup: A Step-by-Step Guide

Woman on a jumper with a green long sleeve with different plants around her and a white brick-type wall.

Cleaning up your garden and getting it ready for winter are both best done in the fall. You can lessen the chance that pests and illnesses will overwinter and harm your plants the next spring by getting rid of dead plants, trash, and weeds. When cleaning up in the fall, you should also feed your soil and add mulch to help protect your plants from the winter.

Here are some tips on how to do a fall garden cleanup the right way:

  1. Remove all sick and dead plants. Vegetables, annuals, and any perennials that have had a dieback are all included. To help stop the spread of illness, make sure to dispose of sick plants in the trash rather than the compost bin.
  2. Tidy up the garden’s debris. This includes any organic debris that has accumulated in your garden, such as leaves, sticks, weeds, and more. The majority of garden waste may be composted, but make sure to get rid of any weeds that have set seed because doing so will help keep them from spreading in the spring.
  3. Compost the leaves you rake. If you can, compost your leaves because they are an excellent source of organic materials for your plants. Additionally, you can use leaves as mulch around your shrubs and trees.
  4. Trim your hedges and trees. Fall pruning aids in shaping your trees and hedging while also removing dead and unhealthy branches. Before the first frost, make sure to prune your trees and hedges.
  5. Clean your gardening tools! Make sure to give your garden tools a thorough cleaning before storing them for the winter. This will assist in clearing away dirt and debris and preventing rust.

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Here are some additional tips:

  • Clean and store away your gardening tools. To keep them in good shape for the following year, sharpen blades and lubricate moving parts. To avoid rust, keep your tools dry.
  • Split up perennials. To produce new plants, now is a wonderful time to divide overgrown perennials.
  • Plant bulbs. Planting spring-blooming bulbs like tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths is best done in the fall.
  • Mulch your garden. Mulch aids in weed control as well as cold-weather protection for your plants. As mulch, you can use compost, chopped-up leaves, or bark chips.

These suggestions can help you renew your garden and get it ready for an enjoyable spring.

woman in a jumper with an army green long sleeve with vintage water sprinkled with leafy plants in a brown pot
woman in a jumper with an army green long sleeve with vintage water sprinkled with leafy plants in a brown pot

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